My name is Yasaman. 1996 I was born in Germany, Pinneberg.

If you are interested in a wide range of topics, e.g. music, books, photography or essays/discussions, then I hope you will check back every now and then or even regularly.

This is my first WordPress Blog ever and I’m just working out how to handle everything. I’ve had a Tumblr account for quite some time now (have had another two before, but deleted those to start fresh) and I thought it was time to finally get an ‘official’ Blog. The first few posts I’m going to publish will be taken from said Tumblr account, because I want them on this website as well. That doesn’t mean my Tumblr will be deleted, but right now, I’m not sure if I’ll post everthing twice or split it up.

Some of my posts will be in english and some will be in german. Expectedly, they’ll be mainly in english, so more people are able to understand. That’s all I have for now.




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