New Artist Alert

There’s going to be a new series on this blog, called New Artist Alert! In this series I will write about recently discovered musicians and bands, who have been in the music business for less than 5 years so far, those who aren’t as well known as they should be. Since I spend at least a few hours every month searching for new songs to listen to, I thought I’d share my favorite discoveries. Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll be uploading these alerts every week, month or every other month. Though, I will aim for at least one update every two months.

Moving on to the actual recommendation. This first post in the new series is dedicated to a new Band I’ve discovered last year (they were the reason I concidered starting this type of series)  and I am certain they will be the next big deal within a short amount of time. 

Contentions (Picture taken from their Facebook)

The Band is known as Contentions and their genre is active rock. The group consists of five members. Giuseppe Vilano being their frontman and singer. Brody McKeegan and Cory Robbins are the band’s Guitarists. The drums are played by Matt Bonder, Brandon Waller is their Bassist.

Their latest single was released in August 2015. It’s called Dark Days, you can listen to it on YouTube here. Contentions’ debut full length album is currently being recorded and set to be released this year.

My two favorite songs are Colorblind and Hollow Vessels (ft. Kevin Lankford). Click on the titles so you can listen to them on YouTube!

You can find them on YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter and buy their Merch here.


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