Reasons why I don’t use Spotify etc.

Music Streaming Services have blown up in the past year and I am still not one bit interested in using any of them. No Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, nothing.

Here’s why:

1.) I’m not interested in paying for music that I can’t keep. Considering most streaming services cost about as much as an album, I’d much rather buy an album a month and let my collection grow.

2.) Most of the time those 30 second previews you can get on Amazon or iTunes etc. are enough for me to decide, if I’d like to buy the CD (or MP3 for that matter).

3.) Buying the album or song is a far bigger support for the Musicians than streaming is. Which means, it will let them produce more music, so you’re more likely to hear from them in the (near) future.

4.) When I tried Amazon Prime (they offer music streaming too now) I felt pressured to listen to as much music as possible – and it would be the same with Spotify etc. – to get the most out of it, which took away from my listening experience and made it feel more like a chore.

Here’a list of current services, global availability, etc. if you need more information.

What do you think about Music Streaming Services? Do you use them and why? Tell me what you think!


5 thoughts on “Reasons why I don’t use Spotify etc.

  1. I don’t pay for Spotify and I use it. The simple reason for it is the fact that I can’t usually check out artists on YouTube because of Germany’s copyright concerns (even if the videos were posted by the artist himself). I can’t stand radio so Spotify is basically the best thing to happen to me. My music taste has broadened, although mostly to listen some long-dead componists like Tchaikowsky and Wagner. If I want to support an artist, I will buy the album if it’s any good. In an ideal case I will also buy a concert ticket.

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    1. I’ve had problems with Germany’s copyright concerns on YouTube, too. If I were to use Spotify, I’d probably use it in a very similar way. Concerts are great, very unique atmosphere. Thank you for your take on this topic! 🙂


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