Knock Me Off My Feet by Dan Talevski

Today Dan Talevski dropped a new single. It’s called Knock Me Off My Feet.

Knock Me Off My Feet by Dan Talevski

There isn’t a lot to say about the cover art, except the obvious beauty and vibrant colors of it. I absolutely love it! Compared to his other songs, this is a little different, but definitely in  Dan Talevski style.  Knock Me Off My Feet is more upbeat and more background music driven, while his previous songs Guilty As Sin and My Religion focus more on Dan’s voice.

This song is listed as Pop, though I’d say it’s R&B too. Anyways, if you like a song that’s spreading a good mood, has a consistent rhythm and a singer who loves his job, you’ll love this song. It’s also perfect to listen to while going to school or work, because it’ll let you start the day on the right foot, as long as it doesn’t knock you off your feet. 😉

I, for the record, am looking forward to what Dan has in store for the music world next.

4 out of 5 stars

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