New Artist Alert

Welcome to the second New Artist Alert post on my Blog! In this series I write about recently discovered musicians and bands, who have been in the music business for less than 5 years so far, the artists who aren’t as well known as they should be. 

The band I want to talk about today is Starset (2013 to present); originally they’re from Columbus, Ohio and their music can be categorized in Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Cinematic Rock and Electronic Rock. If you like music from Breaking Benjamin and/or Thirty Seconds To Mars (which are two of their musicial influences) you’ll very likely love this band.


My favorite songs off of their first Album “Transmissions” are My Demons (their best known song) and Let it Die. These are my favorite lines from Let it Die:

I’ve been looking for a way
To bring you back to life
And if I could find a way,
Then I would bring you back tonight

Transmissions by Starset

The band consists of four members: Dustin Bates being their lead vocalist and playing keyboard. (You might know Dustin from the band Downplay, which he is still a member of.) Brock Richards covers the backing vocals and plays guitar. Ron DeChant is also covering the backing vocals, plays keyboard and the bass. (Ron is also a current member of Downplay.) Adam Gilbert is their man for playing the drums.

Have you heard of Starset before? Do you like their Music?

Their official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube


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