January/February Haul

My hauls will be nowhere near to being big or fancy, because I simply don’t buy that many books. But I will be including CDs and DVDs in hauls, too. Whenever I feel it makes sense, I’ll upload a haul, which means they won’t be regular at all.


IMAG4041Lux: Beginnings by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Includes Obsidian and Onyx)

The first time I heard of this series was through one of Sasha’s Videos, in which she talked about how much she loved these books. (Check her channel out here.) To that time I wasn’t too keen to actually start reading the series, because I thought, I wouldn’t like the Alien aspect. I couldn’t have been more wrong! When I saw Obsidian for free on Amazon, I downloaded it immediately (who doesn’t love free books?). A few months later I didn’t know what to read and decided to finally give it at try. That was last month and it got 5 stars from me. I absolutely loved it! So, now I finally got Lux: Beginnings and can continue on with Onyx!



Firstlife by Gena Showalter

Firstlife was one of my Waiting On Wednesdays (read here) and it actually doesn’t release until tomorrow! I could have gotten it around the middle of last week already, because I’ve pre-ordered it and it arrived early, but I didn’t get around to picking it up from the store. Firstlife will be my first book from Gena Showalter, so I hope I’ll like it! The cover and spine are beautiful!



As for music, I’ve bought one Single CD last month. Currently I’m trying to grow my collection, it’s slowly adding up now.


Decode (Single CD) by Paramore

Decode is my first Paramore CD and definitely not the last, but I got it for less than five bucks (shipping included!), so I couldn’t resist! You might have heard it on the Twilight Soundtrack already, I bet I did, but don’t remember. You can watch the Music video here. There’s also an acoustic version on the CD, which is the reason I decided to buy it.


Three new songs arrived in my virtual CD case in January and February.

Hit Me Up by Danny Fernandes feat. Josh Ramsay & Belly 

I stumbled across this song, because of Josh Ramsay and don’t regret it. Definitely a nice song to mix into a playlist. Listen on YouTube here

SexyBack by Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland

I’m sure you already know this one, you can re-listen here (skip to 0:30).

Knock Me Off My Feet by Dan Talevski

Song review is already online, check it out here. Listen on YouTube here.

Which books/songs did you get?


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