We don’t have to dance by Andy Black

As some of you might have noticed, Andy Black (Andy Biersack; frontman of Black Veil Brides) has dropped a new single off of his upcoming solo album The Shadow Side. And it is amazing!

I’m obsessed, this song has been on repeat since I’ve first heard it. After hearing They Don’t Have To Understand two years ago, I’ve been dying to hear more of his solo project (to all BVB fans, he’s not going to leave the band). The waiting was definitely worth it.

With WDHTD Andy has taken a big step forward. TDNTU was already very gripping and well done, but still, it can not compare to this new song. I am listening to it right now and to be honest it’s hard to concentrate on writing this review.

Andy’s voice is deep and edgy while still being smooth. He has a lot of power.  The imstumentals are… good. Especially the drums have a good rhythm. The music is supporting the lyrics and Andy’s voice perfectly (as if he needed it). The balance between music and text is very even. If you focus on one, you’ll think it is the driving force within the song, but then, when you focus on the other aspect, you’ll notice that isn’t true.  They’re very well balanced and whataver you focus on, will feel like it’s the main part.

My favorite part lyrically is:

Bottles smash, I raise my hand
How can you all even stand it
Why is there joy in this poison, oh
Faking smiles and confidence
Driving miles to capture this excitement
I can’t take anymore, oh

My favorite part overall is:

You’re never gonna get it
I’m a hazard to myself
I’ll break it to you easy
This is hell, this is hell
You’re looking and whispering
You think I’m someone else
This is hell, yes.
I am in hell.

The Shadow Side will be released on May 6th 2016. These are the titles:

  1. Homecoming King
  2. We Don’t Have To Dance
  3. Ribcage
  4. Stay Alive (ft. Matt Skiba)
  5. Love Was Made To Break
  6. Beautiful Pain
  7. Put The Gun Down
  8. Drown Me Out
  9. Paint It Black
  10. Break Your Halo
  11. Louder Than Your Love
  12. Broken Pieces
  13. The Void

The tracks 7, 8, 9 and 11 have caught my attention the most. Right after those is track 3.

You can listen to We Don’t Have To Dance here.  | Preorder the Audio CD on Amazon here.

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