Legendary by Faydee


Faydee’s newest EP is finally available everywhere! The EP includes five songs and was released on March 28th. If you’re not familiar with Faydee (Fady Fatrouni) yet, let me give you a little background. He was born on February 2nd 1987 in Sydney, Australia and has been active in music since 2008. Originally he’s from Lebanon. Furthermore he is an ambassador of the Bully Free Australia Foundation.

If you like R&B, Dance and Pop music, definitely check him out. Especially if you’re interested in english music with Arabic and Indian influences!

My absolute favorite out of the five titles is If I Didn’t Love You. This is my favorite part of the song:

If I didn’t love you now
Why would I stay,
Would I stay around
If I didn’t love you now,
Why do I stay,
Why do I stick around

You can listen to If I Didn’t Love You on SoundCloud here.

Legendary has earned the second place. To be honest, I don’t have favorite lines in this song. I don’t think it would be fair to just pick a line, so I won’t include one. The song as a whole is just right. Need I say more? Watch the official music video here.

These are the titles and my ratings for each of them:

#1 Legendary => 7.75/10

#2 Amari => 6.25/10

#3 If I Didn’t Love You => 9/10

#4 Ya Linda => 5.5/10

#5 Jealous => 6.5/10

Overall reating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Faydee’s Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | SoundCloud | Facebook

Buy Legendary on iTunes


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