New Artist Alert

Welcome to another New Artist Alert! In this series I write about recently discovered musicians and bands, who have been in the music business for less than 5 years so far, the artists who aren’t as well known as they should be. 

Ever heard of Too Close To Touch? No? Let me introduce you to this new band. Too Close To Touch (I love that band name) was founded in 2013 and therefore is still very young and on the way to the top. So far they have released one EP, which is self-titled, and one full-length studio album called Nerve Endings.

Genres: Alternative, theatrical rock, post-hardcore

Too Close To Touch

Members: Keaton Pierce, vocals; Mason Marble, guitar; Thomas Kidd, guitar; Travis Moore, bass; Kenneth Downey, drums.

They have a song featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens as well! It’s called The Chase. Kellin’s not how I found TCTT though. Someday and The Chase are my favorite songs off of their Album Nerve Endings. Click here to listen to The Chase and here to listen to Someday on YouTube. Nerve Endings is their newest single and you can watch the video here.

Since I’ve been dedicating a few hours every few weeks to searching for new musicians and bands, I’ve noticed most newbies in this scene are more likely to drop a few singles or EPs before producing an album. Which makes sense, because that way you’re saving money and time, which should be put into PR while you’re working on recognition. These guys were quick to release a complete album and set the bar very high for their future works! Their EP was only one year old when Nerve Endings was dropped.  I am definitely going to stick to them and hopefully we’ll hear a lot more from them in the very near future (looking at you Radio stations).

They’ve recently been nominated for the Alternative Press’ APMAs “Best Underground Band as well! You can vote here.

Going to Vans Warped Tour? Too Close To Touch will be there as well! Get tickets here.

These are the titles off of their album Nerve Endings:

  1. Someday
  2. Pretty Little Thing
  3. Perfect World
  4. The Deep End
  5. The Chase (ft. Kellin Quinn)
  6. Nerve Endings
  7. Restless
  8. Hell To Pay (ft. Telle Smith)
  9. The Air In Me
  10. Sinking So Long
  11. Until I Collapse

If you’d like to get a song for free (I mean, who doesn’t?), check out this post over on their Facebook to download Heavy Hearts. Or listen to it on YouTube here.

You can buy Nerve Endings on Epitaph | Amazon | iTunes

And their self-titled EP on Epitaph

Searching for new band merch? I’ve got you covered! Click here.

Stay up to date: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Epitaph


4 thoughts on “New Artist Alert

      1. What are your faves from the album? If they keep going at this pace, releasing the EP in 2014 and the album in 2015, we might get an album/ep this year as well? I mean, there’s always hope :’D


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