How to Support your Favourite Bloggers

Hello everyone! I thought about this a lot recently, especially when reading posts from my favourite Blogs – how exactly do I give back to these lovely people? What would be a good way of showing that I really enjoy what they have to say/share?

Maybe a few of you have thought the same, so I came up with this list of things you can do to support your favourite bloggers!

  • Like the posts – This is the fastest way of showing that you have read and enjoyed their post. Sometimes you might think it’s not a big support for us, but a like is definitely appreciated, because it’ll let us know you read and enjoyed the post.
  • Comment – Just leave a few words here and there. Start a discussion or simply say that you enjoyed reading their post. Commenting is great because you took the time to leave a little (or even long) message. Trust me, the Blogging community is very friendly and supportive, so you don’t have to feel nervous or be shy about commenting.
  • Leave critical Feedback – Chances are every blogger wants to improve. If you have an idea on how they could improve their writing or something they could add to their posts, say it! I guarantee you, input is much appreciated. Even if you’re just pointing out a typo or inform us that the font isn’t big enough and not very comfortable to read – thank you for helping us improve!
  • Share – if you loved, loved, loved the post, share it. This doesn’t happen every day and if you share our posts – take my word on this one – you’ll make a bloggers’ day!

There even is a financial way of supporting your favourite Bloggers – without spending any extra money.

  • Look out for Affiliate Links – If you’re on a Book Bloggers page, look for affiliate links to pages like The Book Depository*, Audible or Amazon. If you wanted to purchase a book on one of those pages anyway, do it by using their link. The Blogger will get a small commission from the items you purchased and this doesn’t even effect the price for you at all. Sometimes you even get a discount (or find out that the page your favourite Blogger orders at offers lower prices)!
*this is my affiliate link to The Book Depository

It could look like this (affiliate links/banners are marked with a red frame):

Visit Little Book Owl’s Blog (links to the page shown in the picture)

Watch Between Chapters’ Video (links to the video I took the screenshot of)

That’s all for today.  If you have any points to add, please tell me in the comments! I will be including them as an edit and, of course, give credits. I will also include a link to your Blog/Website.


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