Rocket by Dan Talevski

Just two days ago Dan Talevski dropped a new single. It is upbeat, summer-y and comes with a heavy Michael Jackson vibe.

Dan Rocket.jpg
Rocket by Dan Talevski

If you’ve been around this Blog since the beginning of 2016 you probably have read my review to Dan’s last single, Knock Me Off My Feet, and know how much I’ve loved it.

Rocket definitely outdid Knock Me Off My Feet. I absolutely love that this touches on Michael Jackson’s style to such a big extent while still being new and fresh material for your playlist.

The song has a crack at around 2:26 which is amazing, because it shakes up the rhythm and lets the listener dive deeper into the song right before it’s over so you click the replay button until it’s broken (we’re all guilty of doing this, aren’t we?).

But, convince yourself:

A solid 4 out of 5 stars

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