Bad Vibrations (Deluxe Edition) by A Day To Remember

It is here! ADTR’s new album is finally out! First reaction: This is awesome, but… I kind of expected it to be heavier and faster. Second reaction: It actually is pretty heavy and fast-paced. Not near as good as their earlier albums though. I’ll get more into that later and state my thoughts to single tracks.

Bad Vibrations Vinyl // Picture taken from ADTR’s official Twitter.

Instead of rushing through this review on the release date (September 2nd) I wanted to take a few days, let the music sit and re-listen a few times before sharing my final thoughts.

Favourite tracks: Bullfigt, Forgive and Forget, Turn Off The Radio, Justified.

Least favourite tracks: Same About You, In Florida, Negative Space.

Note: Title’s link to the YouTube video.

#1 Bad Vibrations / 3:33 / This is a very solid hardcore opening track. I enjoyed the softer/clean repetitions of growled/screamed verses in the refrain a lot. The guitar riffs are heavier than most other tracks on this album. Same goes for drums. I really like that once the clean vocals are in focus the instrumentals aren’t as prominent and sort of fade into the background. Favourite lines:

This pain is a sickness looming over me, and I can’t escape it
Casting shadows that continue to shape who I am on any given day

=> 6/10

#2 Paranoia / 3:20 / The first single we got to listen to. I really enjoyed it back then and still like it a lot now. Is it perfect? No. Is it an enjoyable, fast paced, heavy song? Yes. Paranoia switches between two rhythms and intensities, which I appreciate a lot in songs. The transitions could’ve been more fluent in my opinion. Therefore I think this track could’ve been longer, up to five minutes would have been possible. The potential is definitely there. Favourite lines:

It’s got me scared
Scared of the unknown
Unknown numbers been blowin up my phone

=> 8/10

#3 Naivety / 3:19 / The best part about Naivety are definitely the lyrics. They touch on an everyday topic – growing older and losing your naivety. Favourite lines:

All of the things we believed that we could do
Don’t wanna live by fear of failure

Where’s my naivety?

Somehow lost along the way


Every mistake was a chance that we could take
Now I think I’m just gettin colder
Where’s my naivety?

It got lost along the way

=> 8.5/10

#4 Exposed / 3:38 / Another heavy track. I dare say it’s even heavier than Bad Vibrations. I’m not sure about this one. On one hand I like listening to it, on the other hand I wouldn’t necessarily play it if it doesn’t come on shuffle. Don’t get me wrong the song has something to it, it’s just that the lyrics are drowned in the instrumentals and I’m a big supporter of a good balance within songs. Favourite lines:

Like a shark that’s combing the surface
We got a taste for blood
Don’t believe what the pacifist tells you
No war, no peace

Note: I am NOT supporting war, these lines are my favourite out of artistic, poetic and philosophic reasons. If you want to know more about my thoughts on this, let me know and I’ll either explain in the comments section or write a blog post just for this verse.

=> 6.5/10

#5 Bullfight / 4:35 / My favourite song off of this album. The musical balance on this track is amazingly well done. The instrumentals tie melodic and heavy rhythms together without interrupting the flow of the song. Jeremy’s vocals in this are very diverse, which I love. You hear him scream and sing, alternating fluently from technique to technique. Favourite lines:

Why can’t we say the things, the things we wish we would.
Why can’t we laugh the way, the way we know we should.
Fall under the weight of all the pressure that’s misplaced
Flaws that I embrace.


They don’t ask, they don’t wanna know us.
I’ll be the one, I’ll be your spark,
I’ll be your light led through the darkness.

=> 9.5/10

#6 Reassamble / 3:57 / This song just doesn’t click with me, the reason for this is unclear to me. Maybe it’s not new enough? Too average? I’m not sure. Either way it’s solid hardcore, so definitely give it a go, maybe you’ll like it more I did. Favourite lines:

I have come undone
Desperate and out of touch
Fall when I should run

=> 5.5/10

#7 Justified / 3:58 / A softer song with some heavy guitar, vocals and drums thrown in. Definitely one of the best songs off of BV. My favourite lines:

Bow down to all Earth’s creation
Every man of every nation
Who’s right and wrong at times like these?

=> 8/10

#8 We Got This / 3:49 / Decent song. It’s uplifting and the text is definitely worthy of quotes. This is my favourite part:

You’re just like me when I was your age.
Things do get better, trust me I’ve been there.

=> 6/10

#9 Same About You / 3:04 / One of my least favourites from Bad Vibrations. The style of this one just isn’t for me. Nonetheless I have a favourite line:

Couldn’t diagnose your condition
But now I see the signs you left behind.

=> 4/10

#10 Turn Off The Radio / 3:46 / Very upbeat. Almost at the same level as Bullfight, I can see myself switching between these two as my favourite track from Bad Vibrations. Turn Off The Radio pulled me in right away. I enjoy the immediate start of instrumentals alongside vocals. The ‘staggering’ music at the beginning and sprinkled across the whole track is amazing. I can very well imagine this song getting you ready to go early in the morning when you’re still a little sleepy and unmotivated. It’ll make you think too, which is always a plus. My favourite parts are:

Turn off the radio till they’ve got somethin real to say.


There’s a division in our culture that we live with every day.
We’re just people eating people.
Such a sick sad world we live in today.

And because this song has many quote-worthy parts, here’s another:

Tell us more without controlling
what we think with what you’re showing

=> 9.5/10

#11 Forgive And Forget / 4:42 / An amazing slow song. If you don’t click with this one right away, do yourself a favor and re-listen two or three times. It’s worth it. My favourite part is basically the second half of the song:

Wish that I could say this to your face.
Something different, something brave.
Wish I would, but I never could.
I feel you slowly pulling me in.
I try to help but it’s sink or swim and you’re a weight.
There’s comfort in pain.

Let me down, let me down like only you know how.
Shut me out, shut me out, forgive & forget.

You’ve drained all the love I had
All I had for you
Ya you’ve drained all the love I had
All I had for you

=> 9.5/10

Note: The next two songs are only on the Deluxe Edition. If you have the Standard CD/mp3, Forgive and Forget will be the last track.

#12 Negative Space / 3:37 / Another song that just isn’t for me. I can see many people liking this one though. No favourite lines for this song.

=> 3/10

#13 In Florida / 3:22 / I’m doubting that In Florida will ever grow on me. It has that whistling/sighing style of singing and I really can’t enjoy this because of that. The Instruments aren’t strong enough to make me turn a blind eye on the vocal part. Favourite line:

I feel the less you love the less you feel alive.

=> 3.5/10

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Watch ARTV’s Review, which I’ve really enjoyed. Also subscribe to him if you’re a music enthusiast:

I hope you liked this review and would love to know which tracks you liked most. Or if you haven’t listened to the album yet, are you interested in it after reading this review?

PS: It’s almost 3 in the morning, but I wanted to finish this review before going to bed, if you saw any typos or errors, please let me know.

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