Halloween Read-a-thon TBR

First off, I haven’t been very active on here in the past few weeks. (It was a month. And I feel guilty.) Time flies! I didn’t even notice it’s been that long since my last post. Anyways, the Halloween read-a-thon starts tomorrow and I’m a huge mood reader, therefore I’m only sharing my TBR now. Better late than never, right? I’m also hoping my reading slump will finally be over this month; I haven’t finished a book in what seems like forever.

Note: I’m writing this shortly before midnight, please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes. (Feel free to point them out, so I can correct them!)

This read-a-thon was created by the lovely Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews and it runs from the 10th of October until the 31stHead over to her post to read all about the challenges and details!

Another note: These awesome banners were all created by Lauren!

On to my TBR! Just let me check goodreads real quick… ah yes, there’s my list of books I have yet to read.



Once Gone is the creepiest book cover of all the books I haven’t read yet. I feel like the cover model will suddenly start moving and stare out of the cover right into your eyes.

Pages: 204

Check it out on goodreads.


lab lost

I’m going to cheat a little on this one and choose a book that I already started. Only 13% in so far, so it’s still acceptable.

There’s witches, Brujas to be exact. I really hope this one manages to finally pull me out of this reading slump!

Pages: 336 (about 290 left)

Check Labyrinth Lost out on goodreads.


a3iCheating a little again. I don’t have any books where people cause all the scary parts, but according to goodreads this is a tie between Horror and Thriller!

Pages: 352

Ink and Bone on goodreads.


Chosing a current read again. I’ve started reading The May Queen Murders in April. APRIL! It’s not the book, it’s the reading slump. So far I’ve read 21% of TMQM. Here’s to hoping I’ll finish it if I read it every (other) day after the sun has set.

Pages: 288 (228 left)

The May Queen Murders on goodreads.


TREAT: There’s simply not enough scary books to choose from on my tbr. Also, I’ve been dying to know how this story continues. This is the fifth book in the Mythos Academy series. So good, check it out!

Pages (German edition): 448

Goodreads page to english edition (Midnight Frost) here.


I highly doubt that I’ll get close to reading six books within three weeks while being in a reading slump… But I have a nice, short audio book on my tbr that I haven’t listened to yet. It’s only available in German and it’s only the first episode of a season, but it counts. (I hope.)

Hours: 1

Goodreads page of Monster 1983.

Total pages to read: 1522 pages. | Total hours to listen: 1 hour.

That’s my TBR for the readathon! I can’t wait to see if I can overcome the slump until Halloween. Are you participating in this readathon? Tell me which books you are planning to read!

I’m going to share most updates on my Twitter and Goodreads. I might also do weekly updates on here, if I manage to read enough to not bore you haha. Definitely check back for a wrap-up at the end of the readathon though!

PS: It’s past 1am now. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone!


8 thoughts on “Halloween Read-a-thon TBR

    1. Ahh I’ve missed you too Lauren! ❤️ How could I not participate? This is the perfect readathon 😄 ❤️
      So far I also really enjoy Labyrinth Lost, especially because it’s different from what I read most of the time. 😄 The beginning of The May Queen Murders was so creepy already. Perfect timing 😄


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