Recommended books with less than 5000 ratings on Goodreads

We’re time traveling. How is it already June?! 2016 started maybe two months ago.

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I’m sorry for being kind of inactive the past few days, life has been throwing things in my face that I needed to take care of first. Nothing concerning, but I was super busy and too tired at the end of the day to write a blog post, so I didn’t bother to write something half-hearted. Anyways, here I am writing one, let’s jump right in!

There’s quite a lot of books that are amazing, but rarely get picked up by readers, because they’re written by lesser known authors, indie authors, published by a small publisher, etc. Here’s to all the books that deserve a lot more recognition! I’ve compiled a list of seven books, one of which is only available in German. Hopefully you’ll find one or more to add to your list! (And don’t worry about your TBR, it’ll be worth it.)

im ozean

Im Ozean des Himmels by Ewa Aukett

If you speak German and would like to read a heartfelt short story that will make you cry, look no further. This is the story you’ve been searching for.

Blurb from goodreads: Susan ist wunschlos glücklich. Seit fast vierzig Jahren mit ihrer Jugendliebe liiert, zwei erwachsene Kinder, ein sorgenfreies Leben … doch dann ändert sich alles. 

for real

For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron

Fake relationship anyone? Two years after reading this and sometimes I still find myself thinking about it. The two characters are absolute sweethearts and their friends are hilarious. I really should pick the second book up soon.

Blurb from goodreads: Two people. One fake relationship. What could go wrong?

When virgin Shannon Travers gets fed up with her friends demanding that she find a boyfriend, she enlists the help of tattooed, mohawk-rocking graphic design student Jett. He’s more than happy to play along with their Fake Relationship, including the Ten Rules of Fake Dating that control-freak Shannon comes up with. Even if he likes to violate them. Repeatedly.

But what happens when Fake Dating starts to feel… not fake anymore? Will Shannon be willing to let go and embrace the first thing in her life that’s ever felt REAL?

New Adult Contemporary Romance *17 & up

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