My most anticipated releases in 2020 – Music Edition

Happy new year and happy (late) wednesday! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. [Insert speech about how it’s been last year, when I last talked to you guys. Ha ha.]

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something a little different than what you read in the middle of the year – if you hear from me at all – I know I’ve been very absent the past 15 months or so, probably more. So let’s dive into my most anticipated music releases happening this year!

The ones I’m most excited about are:

Anti-Flag with 20/20 Vision, set to be released on January 17th, so on Friday! I’ve already preordered it and am waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive. I need some more punk in my life. So far it’s safe to say, that Anti-Flag will take the cake this year. No matter how much I love Metal (especially prog, folk and symphonic) and some other amazing genres, like Industrial or Alt/Indie, Punk will always be my home and something that manages to make me feel better, no matter how dark and dusty the day might seem.

Breaking Benjamin with Aurora, set to be released on January 24th, that’s just a week after Anti-Flag and I am *pumped*. These guys have been guarding my ears from bad music, since I discovered where my heart laid, and that pop music was barely something I could deal with, most of the time. They also held me company, when I first fell into the depression hole. Here’s to my emo guys! Bring me new food (aka music).

Next up is Delain with Apocalypse & Chill, set to be released on February 7th. For this I’m mainly excited because it’s always been a struggle for me to continuously listen to Delain, since I’ve found some songs I really enjoy and others are very far away for some reason I can’t pinpoint. But I’m hoping for at least a couple songs to add to my playlists, since I do like their style of music!

The Word Alive with MONOMANIA, set to be released on February 21st. Same as with Delain, they have had a few songs I enjoyed a lot and I’m hoping to find another couple ones that I really like listing to.

An already released album, I have yet to listen to, but am still just as excited about: 

Apocalyptica, cell-0

And last but not least, Bands that have announced that they are working on a new album, but it is not yet clear (for all of them) when, and if, they will release the album this year: ADTR, Nightwish, The Pretty Reckless, Worriers, Silverstein

Have you found any artists who you also listen to, and if so, do you share my excitement? Also, if you can think of any bands I might like as well, definitely let me know. I’m hard to please, but I always appreciate recommendations!

That’s it from me for today. In case you don’t get the follow-up version to this post, with books (!), until the weekend, have a nice one and get your rest.


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