Request A Customized Playlist

Last update: January 2017

Request a customized playlist

I’ve been working for a few months to figure out the best way to get this feature on the blog and came to the conclusion that keeping it simple would be the best idea. Sooo, here we go!

Disclaimer: You’re only getting the playlist, not the songs, so I recommend you use a streaming service, YouTube or SoundCloud. Personally, I’ve been using Deezer (the free plan, it’s with ads, read here why I – currently – don’t pay for a streaming service.)

None of your data will be given to third parties.

If you need the playlist until a certain date, tell me in the subject so I can get back to you and let you know if I can fit your request in my schedule. Always consider that I’ll need at least a week to put one playlist together. If I only have one week, there won’t be as many songs, so it’s best to request two weeks in advance. (I might change the amount of time I need to create a playlist along the way, so definitely drop by on this page before requesting a new playlist.)

I’m mostly moving around these genres:

  • rock
  • punk
  • pop
  • hardcore
  • post-hardcore
  • indie
  • alternative

If you want more than one playlist, you’ll logically have to wait longer. I’m asking you to not request more than one (absolute max. is two) playlists at once and only once every month, so that I can provide as many of you with a list as I can. Requesting playlists is, of course, free! I’m not doing this as a professional, therefore please bear with me.

You’ll get between 8 to 15 tracks per playlist.

A few ideas for specific playlists you can request:

  • workout
  • wedding
  • inspirational
  • based on emotion (sad, angry, happy, in love, … you get the idea)
  • car drives
  • discover new genres
  • anything you come up with

Here’s what you should include in your request to get the best personalized playlist for you:

  • Musicians/Bands that you listen to regularly
  • Which genres you prefer
  • Which genres you don’t like
  • Your age, gender (male, female, non-binary) and place of residence (just the country) –  these are simply for statistics, if you don’t want yours do be included, just mention it in the email
  • Optional: five of your current favourite songs

Send your requests to this email: or use the form below.