Travel The World

Since I have a passion for traveling and seeing places, I plan on keeping a list of the countries I have already visited. To keep track of that I’m using the help of a website. You can create your very own map as well, just follow the link below the map!

If I write a blog post to any of the places I have visited they will be linked down in the list. Make sure to check back (or follow via mail – in the sidebar – to get notified once a new post goes online).

visited 5 states (2.22%)
Create your own visited map of The World or Amsterdam travel guide for Android

Current location: Germany

Pinneberg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Bremen, Germany
Prerow, Germany
Stralsund, Germany
Tübingen, Germany (2017)
Sindelfingen, Germany (2017)
Triesdorf, Germany (2017)
Karben, Germany (2017)
Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2017)
Rust (europapark), Germany (2018)
Istanbul, Turkey
Antalya-Side, Turkey
Zurich, Switzerland
Groningen, Netherlands
Tunisia (can not remember the city)